“We are obsessed with improving access and affordability of life enhancing medical products and services”

At RehabPulse our vision is to become a global leader in “improving access and affordability” of life enhancing medical products and services. We recognize that people’s mobility needs are becoming complex and challenging which is further fueled by massive growth in ageing population. Our mission is to use “technical innovation and efficiency” to revolutionize access and to significantly reduce the cost of durable medical equipment (DME) and services, for our customers.


We have created a “One Stop Shop” for DME products and solutions

RehabPulse, our proprietary platform, along with our relentless obsession to find ways to improve access and affordability, creates a perfect solution for both vendors and customers. RehabPulse platform provides consumers, product manufacturers and healthcare providers a ‘One Stop Shop’ for DME products and supportive solutions.

Whichever way our customers wish to access the products - whether buying out of pocket, renting, buying/selling used product, seeking finance options or claiming through their insurance, RehabPulse enables access, guarantees best price and provides a seamless experience to its customers.


And Now we are expanding with online insurance integration is targeted to be first ever DME marketplace with full Insurance Integration. Believe it or not, DME products have existed for more than 100 years, the insurance claim process is manual and, in most cases needs several visits to the DME store. The whole process can be long and frustrating especially during a time when it is hard to get out and feel safe. RehabPulse platform and our dedicated team is committed to facilitating a seamless experience for insurance claim right from the comfort of your home!

We challenge the status quo and find a better way to make the Insurance process simple and convenient.


What Makes RehabPulse Unique: Revolutionizing the DME World

  • One Stop shop: Buy, rent, buy used, submit insurance claim, finance, virtual showroom.
  • Easy to use: Customer friendly interface customized for DME products, Virtual Showroom
  • Saves time: Can reduce total claim time by almost 50%
  • Lowest price guarantee; Find it and we will beat it.
  • Better experience: Patients receive personalized service from the comfort of their own home.
  • Worlds first ever Virtual Showroom for Wheelchairs and Powerchairs with video consultation.
  • Access the RehabPulse claim platform 24/7! Our experts are available everyday through phone, Live chat or request a call back.
  • Submit your claim how you want: Apply online or by phone or come in person to our locations.
  • Buy or submit insurance claim inquiry from anywhere in US, no geographical restrictions.