1. EV Rider Spotlight - Including Mobility Scooters!

    We are ecstatic to be able to offer EV Rider as one of our many great manufacturers. EV Rider is obsessed with making great wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Today's spotlight will highlight just a few of their fantastic products that we offer!

    EV Rider Spring Aluminum Tilt In Space Manual Wheelchair

    The main feature with this lightweight wheelchair is it’s tilt. The seat can recline a full 30 degrees! That tilt also comes with safety features. The bonus two front wheels make sure you stay firm

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  2. Back to School Mobility from RehabPulse

    It’s back to school time and while it brings about new beginnings and nerves, it can also be fun for parents and students alike. Having a child with a disability can be stressful with the unknowns about accommodations needed, or getting used to new caregivers to help your scholar thrive. Below highlights a couple of tips and products that we’ve found to reduce stress and enable you and your student to have a seamless transition into the new school year. 


    Some helpful back-to-school tips:


    1. Make sure to keep everyone informed about your child’s specific mobility/care/learning needs. From their teachers to administrative staff, if they understand your child’s needs, it will make the days go much smoother. Be sure to check in often with them to make sure everyone is still on the same page.
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  3. Top 5 Mobility Scooters Offered By RehabPulse

    Mobility scooters are a great tool to help move around and live life to the fullest! A cross between a scooter and a wheelchair, mobility scooters are a great option for all ages.

    Choosing the right mobility scooter for your needs can be a tough decision. Doing the proper research before your purchase can be helpful as you narrow down what is best for you. RehabPulse is proud to offer a wide range of mobility scooters that come with two, three, and four wheels. Many also come with a variety of handy features built-in. We handpicked our top 5 mobility scooters to help you start selecting your favorite option:

    1. Vive 3 Wheel Moblity Scooter - $799.99

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  4. Disability Pride Month at RehabPulse

    RehabPulse is proud to provide better access to durable medical equipment, as well as easy-to-use resources for insurance claims and a dedicated team who cares about what we do.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed by President George H.W. Bush on July 26, 1990, a landmark law that prohibited discrimination against people with disabilities. In that same year, Boston held the first Disability Pride Day. The United States' first Disability Pride Parade was held in Chicago in 2004. The 18th Annual Disability Pride Parade was held on Saturday July 24th, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois along with an accompanying Virtual Celebration of Disability Pride due to the pandemic. 

    The month is a chance to honor each person's uniqueness as "a natural and beautiful part of human diversity," according to 

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  5. RehabPulse Selected to present in the Innovation Panel in the Global Midwest Allaince 2021 Corportate Venture Program

    We are pleased to announce that our CEO, Gaurav Mishra, will serve on the 6th Annual Corporate Venturing: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities' meeting in Chicago, IL on September 23, 2021. He will serve on the Innovation Panel alongside Josh Shefner, Founder and CEO of Agricycle Global, Harpreet Singh, CEO of Child Health Imprints USA Inc., Ritobrata Sur, CEO of Indrio Technologies, and Linda Zadeh, CEO of Epic Semiconductors.
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  6. Best Vacation Mobility Scooter

    Best Vacation Mobility Scooter


    As summer comes closer each day, it is time to plan ahead for upcoming adventures with the best vacation mobility scooter.

    The Triaxe Foldable Mobility Scooter is among the best products on the market to take on trips. Owners of the Triaxe Sport have nothing but good things to say about the travel mobility scooter.

    Another great scooter for traveling and vacationing is the ComfyGo MS 3000 Plus! This scooter is airline approved and folds automatically! 


    Travel Disability Scooter with Plenty of Performance

    Triaxe Sport scooter for the disabled was made to be easy for travel — regardless if it involves going by car, bus, train, airplane or boat. The lightweight travel mobility scooter is just 49 pounds. Without the lightweight lithium battery, which is easily detachable, it weighs 44 pounds. The batteries are also Transportation Security Administration, or TSA approved.

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  7. How to Properly Disinfect Your Mobility Devices

    How to Properly Disinfect Your Mobility Devices

    While life is slowly getting back to normal from the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities are opening again as more and more citizens are being administered the vaccine. However, it is still important to remain vigilant on cleanliness.  Keeping your mobility devices such as wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, mobility scooters, seat cushions and walkers, clean is not only restricted to prevention of further covid spread, but to keep all types of germs at bay--not to mention maintaining good working order of your product. Here we will cover some proper device sanitization techniques to keep your device clean and in good working order.

    • Start in a well-ventilated area, away from others that may be around.
    • Wear a mask to avoid inhalation of any cleaning products, as well as use gloves--disposable nitrile gloves or any household gloves will work.
    • Use a disinfectant spray* (most
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  8. How to Choose the Perfect Lift Chair

    How to Choose the Perfect Lift Chair

    Choosing the perfect Lift Chair is easier than ever when you use our online store. On the RehabPulse website’s Lift Chair section, you can choose to look at several review videos, text reviews, upholstery options and specifications.

    The very first step to choosing the perfect lift chair is understanding that all lift chairs are not created equal. For instance, at we only list reputable manufacturers that back their products. They are leaders in their respective industries.

    Many of our customers initially find us after researching the best prices for mobility scooters and then learn that we also offer Lift Chairs at the same aggressive pricing.

    Choosing the Proper Lift Chair Size

    Choosing the proper lift chair size is going to be based upon your height.

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  9. Navigating Healthcare Access and Coverage with a Disability

    Navigating Healthcare Access and Coverage with a Disability

    By Adrian Johansen

    NNavigating healthcare coverage and access isn't easy for anyone. When living with a disability, understanding exactly how your coverage and situation interact can make navigating healthcare even more of a chore.

    Fortunately, however, there are ways you can better manage your physical and mental health situation to get the best results. By finding coverage that meets a range of needs, then understanding where gaps in coverage occur, you can better secure your healthcare situation.

    Below are the tips and tricks you should know when it comes to managing healthcare coverage and access while living with disabilities.


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  10. House-Hunting for Accessible Properties: A How-To Guide

    House-Hunting for Accessible Properties: A How-To Guide

    By Jillian Day

    There is intense competition for accessible housing in the United States due to a lack of resources. According to The League, less than 2 percent of US housing units are accessible. Now, that doesn't mean that it's impossible to find a home that will suit your unique accessibility needs; the process will simply require a bit of extra time and effort. The following guide explains how to find an accessible property successfully.

    House-Hunting for Accessible Properties: A How-To Guide

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