Foldawheel PW-4x4Q Stair Climbing, All Wheel Drive, All Terrain Power Wheelchair

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PW-4x4Q All-Terrain Power Chair uses a 4-wheel drive system that can handle difficult terrain including climbing up and down staircases*, steep slopes, uneven terrain, snow, sandy beaches, muddy/bumpy roads etc.

Let the powerful PW-4x4Q help you to overcome terrain you've never thought possible like curbs, thresholds, pot holes and more.

Known as the Best Outdoor All Terrain Power Wheelchair:

  • The gyro system synchronizes the angle of the seat in relation to the ground. It automatically adjusts the seat angle on stairs and slopes, which allows your body to maintain an upright position and keeps your center of mass over the wheels.
  • Use the 4WD (4 wheel drive) mode for all-terrain and stair climbing purposes.
  • Use the Power Saving mode which drops a 5th wheel, lifting the rear wheels off the ground a small amount then powers only the 2 front wheels for basic flat surface environments. 
  • It can climb up and down steps as high as 6″ and a maximum 25 degrees of slope.
  • Li-ion Batteries (More durable and efficient vs the traditional Lead Acid Batteries)
  • Able to make a 360° U-turn on the spot, with a turning radius of only 19.2″.
  • Front, rear, and side LED lights are equipped for high visibility while driving at night.
  • Racing car seat design with contoured memory foam.
  • Power tilt-in-space seat for more comfort.
  • Lifting armrests are height adjustable.

Key Specs:

Top Speed:

4.4 mph

Slope Angle:

30 deg*

Full Charge Range:

15 miles**

Total Weight:

315 Lbs.

Weight Capacity:

330 Lbs.

Turning Radius:

19" (0-turn)

*30 deg for sloped terrain, 25 deg for steps, max 6" step height.

** for a user 165 Lbs. or less, 15 Miles in Power Saver Mode, 11 miles in 4-WD.

NOTE: this product is meant for recreational use only. 

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FW PW-4x4Q

Foldawheel PW-4x4Q Stair Climbing, All Wheel Drive, All Terrain Power Wheelchair

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All-Terrain Power Chair

There are lots of obstacles outside, especially if you are active and enjoy the outdoors. PW-4x4Q is an all-terrain power chair that can help you overcome most of the environment that you might encounter (steps, snow, steep slopes, sandy beach, muddy or bumpy roads etc.). Perfect for the person that loves the outdoors and adventure.

  • Lower seat level for easier transfer.
  • Uses the latest in Dynamic Controller technology for the best in control precision and comfort.


Turning Radius: 19.2" (turns on spot)
Ground Clearance: 2.5"
Top Speed: 4.4 mph
Heaviest Piece: na
Maximum Incline Rating: 30 º (terrain)
25 º (steps), max single step height is 6"
Battery Charge Distance: 15 Miles (2WD)
11 Miles (4WD)
Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive
4 Wheel Drive
Foldable: No
Disassembles: No
Armrest: Width and Height Adjustable
Leg Rest Type: Footplate (adjustable length)
Seat Options: na
Seat Width: 20"
Seat Depth: 19.2"
Backrest Height: 19"
Seat to Floor Height (Front/Back): 25" x 24"
Maximum Seat to Floor Height: na
Overall Width:  29.5" Std. Wheels/31" Wide wheels
Overall Length: 47.2" Standard Wheels
Overall Height: 42" Standard Wheels
Footrest: Foldable
Batteries: Lithium Battery LiFePO4
Batteries Included: Yes
Battery Charger Type: On-board
Motor Type: 750W x 2
Standard Wheel size: 15.5"
Optional Large Wheel size: 16.5"
Wheel Type: Pneumatic
Braking Electro Magnetic
Base Weight: 315 lbs.
Battery Pack Weight:  
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.
Suspension: No
Expedited Shipping Available: No
Packaging Size: 32" x 43.3" x 41"







































Shipping time is about 3 weeks

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead components, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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1 year international warranty against defects. Does not include wear and tear items such as tires and upholstery

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PW-4x4Q All-Terrain Power Chair has a 4-wheel drive system that can handle difficult terrain including steep slopes, snow, sandy beach, muddy or bumpy roads etc. It has a unique gyro balance system, to enable stairs climbing. Often it could be frustrating when you face curbs and a few steps in daily life, and sometimes you may want to explore your adventurous mind. Let PW-4x4Q helps you to overcome places that you didn’t go to. Upon payment confirmation, we will take about 25-30 days to prepare the PW-4X4Q Stair Climber, according to the existing order queue and parts on hand.

Latest Improvement for new production from 1sth May 2020 onwards. Lower seat level for easier transfer and better stability. Using the latest Dynamic controller for better control precision, stability, and comfort. New 5th wheel position and structure to ensure energy-saving and longer life span. Overall quality improvements.


Optional extra-wide tires are available for snow and beach environment. 2nd user can stand behind the seat to travel together or add-on an optional chair at the back. PW-4x4Q is the best mobility aid for recreational purposes. Most users that purchased this PW-4x4Q also own either our Foldawheel PW-999UL or Leo Please feel free to contact us for more details on this wonderful All Terrain Power Chair.